VOLVOX Floor Sealer or Paint

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VOLVOX Floor Sealer is a hard-wearing low sheen CLEAR finish that can also be tinted through to Volvox PAINT colours. It can be used on timber, cork and parquetry floors as well as tables, bench tops, furniture and toys. Made by VOLVOX and meeting EU standards of " safe for Children's toys".  Like all of the VOLVOX products we have tried we find this to be an excellent product. Although it may be price prohibitive for large projects it has a place for smaller projects. 

Suitable: Suitable for timber, cork and parquetry floors as well as bench tops, tables, furniture and toys. Interior only. Has good grain filling properties. Test first on tannin rich or oily timbers.
Appearance:  is a natural looking clear low sheen finish, or low sheen paint. 
Odour: low odour.
Durability: durable and abrasion resistant.
Colours: clear, or tinted to Volvox colours 
Preparation: timber should be clean, dry, and grease free. Sand timber to at least 180 grit. Tannin or oil rich timbers should be tested first as these may bleed through or interfere with adhesion and curing.
Application: by brush or short nap roller. First coat may be diluted with max 3% water. Sand lightly (320 grit) after first coat. Apply two more thin coats. 
Drying: 2 hours between first and second coats, 6 hours before third coat. 
Coverage: covers 13 - 15sqM /L. Probably 13sq.M/L for first coat and 15sq.M/L for 2nd & 3rd coats. 
Coats:  3 coats recommended on floors and bench tops. 2 - 3 coats on furniture. 
Ingredients: Water, tensides, silicic acid, pure acrylate, butoxyethanol, preservative (CMI/MI, adipohydrazide)
Technical Data Sheet: see full Technical Data Sheet

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