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VOLVOX ProAqua Enamel

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Volvox ProAqua Enamel is a great natural enamel paint suitable for people with high chemical sensitivity. It contains only earth pigments, mineral fillers, vinegar ester, titanium dioxide (white pigment) and non-toxic preservatives, but performs as well as if not better than synthetic enamels.

 Suitable: for interior and exterior use on timber or metal trim. Great for doors, windows, furniture, shelving, and children's toys. However because this natural paint is a lot more expensive than it's acrylic equivalent - the ROCKCOTE Ecostyle Satin, we usually only recommend it for small projects or highly chemically sensitive people.

Appearance: is a satin sheen
Colours: are most of the Volvox Clay paint colours. See colours here. Please note that colours may not show true on all computer screens. Special zero VOC tints are used to maintain the purity of the product, so tinting is priced individually for colours (see selection above). This tinting price is added in the checkout.  
You can order sample pots or purchase the Volvox Colour Booklet to test or view colours more accurately.
Odour: is nil
VOC: is zero
Durability: is very good. Comparable to other enamel paints.
Priming: is not needed on bare timber. Metal and previous enamel paints should be cleaned well and primed with ZINSSER Smart Prime.
Application: when applying to bare timber dilute the first coat with 5-10% water. Lightly sand (using 180 - 240 grit paper) after the first coat to smooth any grain rise. Apply subsequent coats undiluted with a brush, roller or spray gun in an even and sparing manner. Only apply in dry conditions and temperatures between 10 - 30 degrees C.
Drying: touch dry in 30 mins. Recoat after 2 hrs.
Coverage: is 12 - 15 sq.m/L per coat.
Coats: two or three coats is recommended depending on the substrate.
Ingredients: earth pigments, mineral fillers, vinegar ester, titanium dioxide (white pigment) and non-toxic preservatives.
Technical Data Sheets: See full Technical Data Sheet 
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