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VOLVOX Dispersion Paint

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VOLVOX Dispersion Paint is a beautiful natural wall paint that comes in a range of great colours. Zero VOC's and free of hazardous materials. Its is a washable low sheen paint ideal for all interior walls and some exterior.

Suitable: for a range of interior surfaces including plasterboard, timber cement, lime render, brickwork, stone and concrete. Can be used on exterior surfaces that are protected from strong weather and frost. 

Appearance: low sheen paint finish  
Colours: are WHITE and IVORY plus 160 tinted colours. Special low VOC tints are used to maintain the purity of the product, so tinting is priced individually for colours (see selection above). This tinting price is added in the checkout.  See VOLVOX Dispersion Paint colours online here. Please note, your screen may not show a true representation of the colours.
You can purchase the Volvox Colours Folder to view at home, or trial sample pots before making your final choice. 
VOC: zero VOC and odourless
Durability: durable and washable low sheen finish
Vapour Permeability: is good. It allows walls to breath and discourages mould growth. 
Priming: is not needed on most surfaces. On very absorbent surfaces such as new Gyprock, mud brick, or sandstone the walls can be dampened with a water spray before painting to reduce absorbency and make the first coat flow on more easily. VOLVOX Dispersion paint will not peel and is also a good base coat for other paints.
Application: Mix well with clean tools (tools previously used with regular paints can contaminate the paint and cause poor application results). Strain any lumps with a clean strainer. Apply with brush or roller as for regular paint.
 Drying: 2 - 4 hours.
Coverage: 8sq.m/L 
Coats: 2 coats – no primer required
Ingredients: water, chalk talcum, marble, vinegar ester, cellulose, titanium dioxide(white pigment), sodium phosphates, 0.1% synthetic preserving agent. 
Technical Data Sheet: See full Technical Data Sheet
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