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VOLVOX Clay Paint

Article number: VCPweb10L

Volvox Clay Paint is a beautiful odour free paint made from natural clay in an ecologically sustainable manner. Clay creates a positive environment for health due to its capacity to regulate humidity and absorb odours, making it the healthiest choice for people and our environment. Made in Germany, it has as the Ecoflower label for high performance along with high environmental consideration. 

Suitable: for interior walls and ceilings in domestic and some commercial situations. Suitable for exterior walls if protected from frost and excessive rain. 
Can be used on furniture for various painted and decorative effects.
Not suitable for areas requiring frequent washing.

Appearance: is ultra matt. It looks and feels like clay plaster and goes beautifully with natural stone and timber. 
Many creative effects are also possible with this paint because of the qualities of clay. It can be applied and polished with a trowel to create a polished rendered appearance, or mixed with sand for a texture finish.
On furniture or walls several colours can be layered, and then sanded to reveal the coloured layers.
On timber it can be applied and then sanded to leave the colour washed into the grain.
Colours: are White (MONTE BLANC) and IVORY plus 160 tinted colours. Special low VOC tints are used to maintain the purity of the product, so tinting is priced individually for colours (see selection above). This tinting price is added in the checkout. See VOLVOX Clay Paint colours online here. Please note, your screen may not show a true representation of the colours.
You can purchase the Volvox Colours Folder to view at home, or trial sample pots before making your final choice. 
VOC: is zero
Durability: because of it's ultra matt texture clay paint has less stain resistance than a low sheen paint. It can be wiped but not scrubbed. The VOLVOX Dispersion paint is low sheen and is a more scrubbable natural paint.
For added protection in vulnerable areas VOLVOX Clay Paint can be waxed with VOLVOX Wax Finish or made water repellant (with little change to its appearance) with ROCKCOTE Repel , or clear coated with MUROBOND Clear Acrylic Sealer.
Furniture can be waxed with FRENCHIC Furniture Wax or clear coated with VOLVOX Floor Sealer for durable protection.
For more durability in exterior situations apply ROCKCOTE Repel.
Vapour Permeability: is high. Clay paint allows walls to breath and discourages mould growth. Clay also contains natural antimicrobial properties.
Priming: is not needed on most surfaces. Clay paint sticks to most clean, dry surfaces including wood and concrete. However on tannin rich timbers and oily timbers the tannins and oils can bleed through, so it is advised to prime these with a specialty primer such as Zinsser Smart Prime first. Bare metal is also best primed first with Zinsser Smart Prime. On very absorbent surfaces such as new Gyprock, mud brick, or sandstone the walls can be dampened with a water spray before painting to reduce absorbency and make the first coat flow on more easily. Alternatively on these surfaces the first coat can be thinned with 5% water to gain better coverage and flow. Clay paint will not peel and is also a good base coat for other paints.
Application: is with a roller, brush, or spray gun as for a conventional paints. However, being a very matt paint means some colours can show picture framing if a wet edge is not maintained.
Decorative: effects are possible. Apply with a trowel to give underlying texture and then polish and wax to create a marbled appearance. Layer several colours, then sand through to create a distressed look. Add sand and use a large brush to create a textured render appearance. Dilute with water and apply to timber, then sand back, to get a white limed or washed look.
Drying: is 4-6 hours between coats
Coverage: is approximately 9 sq.m/L
Coats: is usually two to get the beautiful ultra matt texture. Because of its excellent hiding power however, one thick coat may sometimes be possible especially when using white or colours tinted into the white base.
Ingredients: water, clay, chalk, kaolin, vinegar ester, methyl cellulose, titanium dioxide (white pigment), 0.1% synthetic preservative. 
Technical Data Sheets: See full Technical Data and MSDS
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