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GIORGIO GRAESAN Vetro is a water based strong sealer for lime plaster finishes.

Suitable for: application on internal walls over lime plasters or painted surfaces of bathrooms or kitchens that require protection from water. Shower recesses in constant exposure to water will require further sealing with Iper Vetro. Not suitable over Venetian Plaster. 
Appearance: a satin sheen that enhances the finish (similar to a ceramic surface), or matt.
Colour: transparent
Durability: makes the surface water proof and washable.
VOC: 13.2gms/L
Vapour permeability: none. Its seals the surface making it fully waterproof and washable.
Application: is dependent on the surface it is applied to. On absorbent surfaces such as the GIORGIO GRAESAN Marmorino Spirito Libero, Istinto and Muro Naturale, it is a 3 coat process applied with a roller and/or brush, making sure to cover the surface completely and paying particular attention to joins. Thoroughly mix product before diluting and before applying. 

  • First coat is diluted 10% Vetro / 90% water 
  • Second coat is diluted 50% Vetro / 50% water
  • Third coat is 100% Vetro 

When the work is finished, seal the edges in contact with other surfaces (shower trays, taps, kitchen counters) with a suitable silicone so as to avoid water penetration behind the surface, which could result in the formation of halos or cracks.
GIORGIO GRAESAN recommends that all of their lime plasters and sealers are applied only by highly skilled and licensed tradespeople with extensive experience in these products. It is the responsibility of the applicator to understand the application method and the procedure involved, in order to obtain a satisfactory outcome.

Preparation: The surface must installed as per manufacturer's instructions and be immaculately clean, fully cured, and completely dry for at least 24 hrs before application of Vetro. See GIORGIO GRAESAN Specifications and System Guide for full details of correct preparation of various substrates. 
Coats: 3 coats on lime plaster finishes. 1 or 2 coats on painted finishes
Drying Time: 2 hrs. Dry 12 hours between coats. Final dry 24hrs.
Coverage: 5 sq.m /L  undiluted
Technical Data: See full Technical Data Sheet and SDS

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