UNI-PRO Paint Edger & Stainer

Article number: P-4975
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The Uni-Pro Paint Edger and Stainer is suitable for all paints and stains and is ideal for use on trims, window and door frames as it doesn’t leave any unwanted brush marks. It also cuts down on taping and prepping as the guide wheels support a clean, straight edge.

Pads can be cleaned and re-used and 2-pack refill replacement pads are also available

Application: Before use, rinse, vacuum or brush pad to remove any loose fibres.

Fill the well of paint tray and dip the pad portion into paint taking care not to overload.

Lightly run pad across the tray ridges to wipe off any excess paint

Slide paint pad across the surface to be painted. If being used for edging, guide wheels should not run against trim. Ensure that there is no paint on the Edger wheels before use.

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