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UNI-PRO Little Ripper Microfibre Roller Set

Article number: UPLRMS4
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UNI-PRO Little Ripper Microfibre Roller Set has a mini roller frame and two micro-fibre covers. It comes in two options 4mm Nap or 10mm Nap

Use for: most paints and wood finishes. May not be suitable for 2-pack epoxy and some industrial strength coatings. Test suitability prior to use.

4mm Nap is ideal for water based satin or gloss enamels and wood finishes on windows, trims, doors and furniture.

10mm Nap is ideal a smooth, low sheen finish and small projects.

Directions: Remove any excess fabric prior to painting. Immediately after use, clean thoroughly and allow to dry in upright position.

Description: Micro-fibre has an open structure which means it absorbs and holds more paint which it can release under pressure, resulting in a smoother, more even coverage with less spatter.

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