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Solacoat Heat Reflective Marine Coating for Coastal Environments was originally created to combat extreme exterior metal temperatures on marine sites however it may also be used on normal exterior surfaces such as bricks, masonry, plaster, timber and metal and is especially suited to coastal areas.

Its tough, flexible finish offers excellent resistance to mould and fungi, as well as long lasting protection against harsh weather conditions.

Offering a superior resistance to heat absorption with a higher solar reflectivity than equivalent-coloured conventional paints. it is available in a range of pastel colours and covers approximately 14 -16 m2/L depending on the surface porosity.

It is quick drying - can recoat on same day (minimum 2 hrs) and due to the modification for marine sites, it dries to a soft gloss sheen.

Technical Data: Solacoat Marine Coating Description Sheet, MSDS


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