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RUBIO MONOCOAT Smoke is an easy to apply treatment that will age timber. It enables the creation of very unique and personalised ageing effects that bring out the grain and character of timber. It is a pre-treatment only, not a finish, and should be used in conjunction with RUBIO MONOCOAT Oil 2C to protect the wood 

Suitable: for most interior timbers as a pre-treatment. Can be used on floors, furniture, trim, or wall panelling. Can be used for matching new timber to old. 
Appearance: the product reacts in accordance to the amount of tannic acid that is present in the wood. It ages timber, giving a richer colour and bringing out the grain pattern. It has a similar effect as smoking with ammonia but without the hazardous fumes or vapours.
Dilution: can be diluted with water for reduced effect.
Odour:  no toxic fumes or vapours
VOC: nil
Application: with a brush, spray or roller. Saturate the timber, even out the product and allow to react. after reaction time wash excess off with a wet sponge. Allow to dry completely ( 12 - 24 hrs), then lightly sand any raised grain before applying RMC Oil 2C. Large areas like floors require two people working together to apply. See video of application on a floor
Decorative: yes, a unique pre-treatment that can be combined with various coloured oils. 
Drying: overnight before applying RMC Oil 2C
Coverage: 17 - 40 sq.m/L depending on the application and dilution.
Coats: one
Technical Data: See full Technical Data Sheet 

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