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Rockcote Lime Plaster Basecoat 18kg

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ROCKCOTE Lime Plaster Basecoat is a pre-mixed bag render. Just add water. It is part of the ROCKCOTE Natural Materials range. As a natural lime render it is breathable, mould resistant and discourages insects. 

Suitable: for interior use as a a simple lime render, or as a base coat for the finer ROCKCOTE lime plasters - Marrakesh, Venetian Plaster and Velvetina, or Lime Wash.
Appearance: a matt smooth, or coarse, finish depending how it is applied and finished.  
Colours: natural white or tinted with alkali resistant oxides. Fading may occur depending on the colour used. No more than 4% oxide by weight should be added.
VOC: is zero. However protection should be used when mixing and applying as lime is highly alkaline. 
Odour: low to no odour and no residual off-gassing
Durability: durable and water resistant 
Application: is by stainless steel trowel, approximately 3ml thick per coat. See Data Sheet below for full mixing and application instructions. 
Drying: 8 hours
Curing: is 28 days to full cure
Coverage: is approximately 3 sq.m/18kg bag @3mm thickness.
Coats: 1 or 2 coats
Technical Data Sheets: See full Technical Data Sheet and SDS

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