ROCKCOTE Fungicidal Wash

Article number: P-2405
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A ready to use, effective and water-based treatment for safely and gently removing moss, lichens and other fungi and algae on most surfaces such as roofs, walls and driveways. Suitable for use on cement, metal or terracotta roof tiles, Use prior to painting as a residual fungicide. Use with suitable caution. Can also be used to clean paving

Suitable: For treating and killing moss, lichens, fungi and algae on most surfaces
Application: Clear dirt & debris from the area that is to be treated (washing & hosing). Apply product with brush or spray on affected areas.
Drying: Allow the treatment to remain on the surface for not less than 24 hours.
Coverage: Mix 1.5lt water with 1lt Fungicidal Wash. Covers 3-6m2/L.
Technical Data: Technical Data Sheet and MSDS

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