ROCKCOTE Ecostyle Gloss

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ROCKCOTE Ecostyle Gloss is a hard wearing water based enamel containing less than 2.5gms/L VOC. Certified by GECA to be safe for people and better for our environment.

Suitable: for interior and exterior doors, windows & trim. Warranted for both domestic and commercial situations and especially recommended where health is a consideration and Green Star ratings are sought. Certification by GECA provides assurance that EcoStyle paints contain none of the known carcinogenic or mutagenic chemicals which are present in other well-known paint brands. 

Appearance: is gloss.
Colours: Choose colours from any common paint colour charts eg Dulux, Taubmans, Resene etc. We tint to these using low VOC tints. Tinting prices vary according to the amount of tint so you need to estimate which group your colour is in (ie light, mid, or strong colour). We will let you know if there is any correction to price needed before processing your order. You can also order 200ml sample pots to trial colours in your home. It's also worth noting for exterior use that some bright or very dark colours are not recommended in full sun due to fade potential.
Odour: is a very mild smell that dissipates quickly.
VOC: is 2.5gms/L which is classed as ultra low VOC - one of the lowest for a water based acrylic enamel on the Australian market.
Durability: is excellent. Stain resistant and washable, with a 15 year guarantee for interior and exterior use.
Vapour Permeability: Not vapour permeable. It can seal in old paint fumes to a degree. It also contains a non-toxic mould inhibitor.
Priming: is needed on bare timber or metal, and when painting over previous oil based enamels. Use Ecostyle Sealer/undercoat or Ecostyle Primer on most bare timber. Use Zinsser Smart Prime on timber that has potential for tannin or sap bleed, and over metal and previous oil based enamels. Previous water based enamels need to be sanded to provide good key. Strong colours generally require a primer tinted to grey, or towards the top coat colour to achieve good opacity.
Application: is by roller, brush or spray gun. Easy to use, but can't be 'worked' like an oil based enamel. Simply roll on and tip off. A foam roller is ideal. Apply in temperatures between 10 - 30 degrees C.
Drying: is 5 hours between coats in good drying conditions.
Coverage: is approximately 16 sq.m/L.
Coats: is usually two. Occasionally on hard to cover surfaces or for some strong colours three coats may be needed.
Technical Data Sheets: See full Technical Data Sheet and SDS
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