ROCKCOTE Black Soap 200gms

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Black Soap is a natural olive oil African black soap used to waterproof Marrakesh Lime plaster and for regular cleaning of the surface afterwards. Black Soap reacts with Stone and forms a sealant inside the lime plaster.  It dries to a transparent finish. It is friendly to the human body and will not harm the environment.

Suitable: in the application and maintenance of Marrakesh Lime plaster finishes. Can also be used as a general household cleaner.
Appearance: black in colour and in the pot but transparent after drying
Application:  Dilute 1 teaspoon Black Soap to 1 litre of water. Apply with a spray bottle and plastic trowel. Allow Black soap to penetrate the surface and then wipe off excess using a soft Japanese trowel. Do not allow soap to dry on any surface as it may leave white traces behind.
Coverage: 250 gm of Black Soap will cover approx. 30 - 40 m².
Substrate Conditions The surface must be clean and free from dust, dirt and grease before application. and the substrate temperature must not be below 5ºC.
Technical Data Sheets: see full Technical Data Sheet, and SDS

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