VOLVOX ProAqua Wood Finish

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Volvox Pro-Aqua Wood Finish is made from natural and non-toxic raw materials in an ecologically sustainable manner. VOC free. A beautiful, durable and easy to use wood finish.

NOTE: currently only available in 750ml OAK and a few small coloured sample pots

Suitable: for interior woodwork such as furniture, doors, trim, shelving etc. Especially great for children's toys due to its non-toxic nature. The coloured versions can be used in exterior situations but will require a maintenance rejuvenation coat from time to time. This is easy to do as it does not chip or peel. Simply clean and apply another coat.

Appearance: is a very clear non-yellowing finish with a satin sheen. The colours are semi transparent and allow the grain to show through.
Colours: are clear and a range of timber tones and primary colours - pine, walnut, oak, mahogany, teak, blue, red, green, yellow, orange, white and black. LIMITED STOCKS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE - SEE DROPDOWN MENU ABOVE FOR CURRENTLY AVAILABLE COLOURS. See VOLVOX ProAqua colours here Note however that online colours may not be true on all screens and colours will appear different on different timbers. We suggest purchasing sample pots to trial on your timber once you have narrowed it down by viewing online. All colours can be intermixed.
Odour: is nil
VOC: is zero
Durability: is great. This is a long lasting penetrating finish that builds to a satin film with several coats. It doesn't chip or peel but may require a maintenance rejuvenation coat from time to time (average 5 years in interior situations).
Vapour Permeability: good vapour permeability allowing timber to breathe.
Application: Very easy to apply, fast drying and durable. Apply with a brush, roller, paint pad or airless spray gun in temperatures between 10 - 30 degree C. Dilute the first coat with 5 - 10% water. Lightly sand between coats if necessary.
Decorative: yes a great range of primary colours that look superb on children's toys and furniture.
Drying: touch dry in 15 mins. Re-coat in an hour.
Coverage: is approximately 12 sq.m/L
Coats: is two for interior use, or three for exterior use.
Technical Data Sheets: See full Technical Data Sheet and SDS.
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