ADVANCED SPIRITO LIBERO Polyshower Sealer (matt) 500ml

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Polyshower Sealer (matt) is a high tech 2 part sealer with exceptional resistance to chemicals, water and abrasion, for use over Microcement Resin Stuccu/ Terazzo on floors and countertops. However it is a solvent based polyurethane and high in VOC's so should be used with extreme caution. 

Suitable: for use over Microcement Resin Stucco/ Terazzo or other acrylic paints & renders, offering a highly water repellent and mould resistant protection. 
Colours: dries to a clear non-yellowing finish
Sheen: matt low sheen 
Appearance: 2 components. Part A and B, both clear viscous liquids. 
VOC: 100 - 250g/L
Durability: excellent water and chemical resistance. Good abrasion resistance. UV stable. 
Application: Due to the hazardous nature of this sealer it is important to read the Safety Data Sheets on each component A & B before opening, and wear gloves, face and eye protection when mixing and using.
Pour Part B into Part A and mix slowly and thoroughly by hand without incorporating any air, for 2- 3 mins. Apply straight away with a short nap roller and/or brush, ensuring even coverage of the entire surface approximately 1mm thick. Use a brush in corners or hard to reach areas to ensure all areas are fully covered. Discard any unused product after 1 hour.  
Drying: touch dry 12 - 16 hrs, re-coat 24hrs, full dry 3 days (72 hrs). 
Coverage: 500g covers approximately 4sq.M
Coats: 2 
Clean up : Acetone or polyurethane thinner
Technical Data Sheets: see full Technical Data Sheet and SDS Part A and SDS Part B

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