PHOENIX Floorprep,1L

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Phoenix Floorprep is a non-toxic water-based cleaner that supports the removal of grease, oil and other stains from concrete surfaces. As a multi-use product, it can also be used as a general degreaser/cleaner on driveways, garage floors and engines as well as a pre-treatment for cleaning other surfaces such as steel and metal before painting.

Suitable: Pre-cleaning of floors prior to painting, general degreasing of surfaces. Also useful as pre treatment for cleaning many other surfaces such as steel, rusty metal, aluminium prior to painting.
Appearance: Clear.
VOC: No toxic, flammable or carcinogenic solvents.
Durability: Fully dilutable, non-staining, bio degradable.
Application: Apply to area for cleaning and scrub, allow to dissolve and then rinse off with clean water.
Coats: 1
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