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We are proud to put our own brand name to this product. Deck Cote is Australian developed and made, and is technically a water modified oil. It thus combines the penetration and rich colour of an oil, with the flexibility and ease of application of a water based product. It is a penetrating finish that will never peel or chip. Recoat annually in full exposure but semi protected areas will last a lot longer before needing a refresher coat. 

Suitable: for all exterior timber, including decks and furniture as well as panelling and trim.
Appearance: is a rich colour enhancement to the timber with a satin sheen level.
Colours: Available in Honey, Oak, Light Oak Ironbark and Black.
The tints in each of these will enrich the colour of the timber and protect it from the greying effect of UV rays. Also available in clear for areas that do not get direct sunlight (such as the underside of a verandah or roof). We can custom tint special orders.
Odour: is minimal
VOC: 40gm/L
Durability: is very good. Recoat annually in full exposure to maintain good water repellency and durability. Will not chip or peel and does not require sanding before recoating.
Vapour Permeability: Deck Cote oils penetrate into the timber, protecting it and allowing the timber to breathe naturally. It does not form a surface coating that will chip or peel.
Application: apply 2 - 3 thin coats with a decking applicator, brush or spray equipment, in good drying weather but not in full sun. Allowing 3 - 6 hours drying between coats.
Drying: Allow 3 - 6 hours drying between coats in good drying conditions. Protect from rain and abrasion for 12 hours after final coat.
Coverage: 10 - 18 sq.m/L depending on type and porosity of timber.
Coats: 2 - 3 thin coats is ideal
Technical Data Sheets: See full Tech Data Sheet and MSDS.

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