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MUROBOND Mineral Silicate Paint

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MUROBOND Mineral Silicate Paint is made from potassium silicate which chemically combines with masonry surfaces to produce an extremely long lasting, hard, vapour permeable, protective finish.

Suitable: for bare cement render, concrete, bricks or stone. UV stable and resistant to weathering. Ideal for high rise buildings where repainting is costly.
Appearance: matt natural looking finish
Colours: see colours here. Note online colours may vary on different screens. 1L sizes can be purchased to view colours in your setting or sample pots of Murobond Murowash in colours will be similar. 
Odour: nil
Durability: extremely long lasting due to the silicate forming a very hard bond to the masonry. Resists acid rain, alkali and pollution attack. Does not peel or crack. 
Vapour Permeability: is extremely good. 
Priming: prime first with MUROBOND Mineral Silicate Primer.
Application: apply with brush, roller or spray in a full even film. Apply in cool conditions out of direct sunlight to maintain a wet edge. Apply in dry conditions above 10 degrees C and below 30 degrees C.
Decorative: yes
Drying: Allow 24 hrs drying between coats
Coverage: 6 - 8 sq.m/L
Coats: One coat of Mineral Silicate Primer and two coats of Mineral Silicate paint.
Technical Data: See full Technical Data and SDS

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