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RUBIO MONOCOAT Fumed was especially designed to create a greying effect on wood by reacting with tannins present in the timber. It is a pre-treatment only, used to create a unique background effect underneath any of the coloured RUBIO MONOCOAT Oils 

Suitable: for most interior timbers as a pre-treatment. Can be used on floors, furniture, trim, or wall panelling. Needs to be sealed with RMC Oil 2C for durable protection.
Appearance: the product greys timber in different strengths on different timbers depending on the amount of tannins present in the wood. Replicates the traditional fuming of timber. 
Dilution: can be diluted with water for a weaker effect
Odour: releases no toxic fumes or vapours
VOC: nil
Application: with a brush, spray, or roller. Saturate the timber, even it out and allow to react. After reaction time wash the floor with a wet cloth to remove any surface product. Dry completely ( 12 - 24 hrs), then lightly sand any raised grain before applying RMC Oil 2C.  Large areas like floors require two people working together. See video of application on a floor.
Decorative: yes, a unique pre-treatment that can be combined with any of the coloured oils for creative effects.
Coverage: 17 - 40 sq.m/L depending on the application and dilution.
Coats: one
Technical Data: See full Technical Data Sheet

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